Remote Learning Year 8 English

All resources to help you complete your work can be found below.

Each of your teachers will be communicating with you through different methods. If you teacher is using Google Classroom please ensure you check your school email and accept the invitation. Please email your teacher completed work and if you have any issues.

Teacher information

Mrs Oliver – Google Classroom –

Mr Nicholl -Google Classroom

Mrs McKeeman/ Mrs Black – Google Classroom – lmckeeman960/

Mr Hennessy – Google Classroom –

Miss Stevenson – Google Classroom –

Mrs Reid – Google Drive –

Miss Dunwoody – Website and school email –

Mrs Massey – Google Classroom –

Mrs McCord – Website and school email –

Miss Lavery – Website and school email –

Mr McMillan – Website and school email –

Resource 1 – Book Review

 How to write a book review

Book review task

Resource 2 – My Autobiography

My Autobiography Task

Resource 3 – Accelerated Reading

Accelerated reading task

Resource 4 -Recount

Recount task

Supporting documents

Jamie Oliver
Food Revolution
Text adaptation

Resource 5 – Literacy Booklet

Work your way through BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 as revision before moving on to revise Key Stage 3.
Work through the Literacy booklet attached.

Capital Letters
Commas & Apostrophes
Correct the Sentence
Read the extract & punctuate
Rewrite the extract with punctuation
Capital letters & full stops

Resource 6 – Sentence Starters

I can vary my sentence starters
Sentence starters task

Resource 7 – Language features

Language features
Language features extra

Resource 8 – Creative writing

Sentence starter vocab
Empty boots
New York is falling
Under the bed

Resource 9 – Spelling strategies

Worksheets spelling

Resource 10 – Homophones

Homophone very confusing words
Homophones worksheet

Resource 11 – Covid 19 Time Capsule

Time Capsule