Remote Learning Year 9 Music

All work to be completed by year 9 pupils can be found below.

You will need to use your Music Booklet to complete the weekly tasks, if you do not have this at home with you, it can be found here.

We have created a YouTube playlist where you will find all the listening tracks and videos for each of the weekly tasks. Here is the direct link in case you find this easier.

To allow you to continue working on your keyboard skills try download this free app.

Click HERE for help on how to set the app up to allow you to add the chords

Here are your teachers email addresses to send completed work to or ask for any assistance.

Mrs Stewart –
Miss Beattie –
Miss Francis –

You are currently on Week 12

Week 1

Lesson 1

Week 2

Lesson 2

Classical Period revision sheet

Answers for the Revision Sheet

Week 3

Lesson 3

Week 4

Lesson 4

Week 5

Lesson 5

Week 6

Lesson 6

Week 7

Lesson 7

Week 8

Lesson 8


Week 9

Lesson 9

Week 10

Lesson 10

Week 11

Lesson 11


Week 12

Lesson 12- The final one!