Student Forum

Pupils who are elected onto the year Forum then nominate two from within the group to further represent their year on the Student Forum. Student Forum therefore consists of fourteen pupils, two from each year group and they meet monthly. Student Forum develops initiatives from discussion within the Year Forum and refine plans which are forwarded to the senior management team for approval. Student Forum also works with our partners in industry to develop products and go on educational visits to promote our school within the local community.

 Student Forum Representatives for 2018-19

Year GroupGirlsBoys
Year 8Emma YipScott Bell
Year 9Stephanie BairdAdam Campbell
Year 10Evie DullaghanJames Godfery
Year 11Tamzin McNeillyAdam Hamilton
Year 12Lauren HaweRyhs Magill
Year 13Lucy CampbellJohn Watson
Year 14Catherine DuffRobyn McConnell


Student Forum Representatives for 2015-2016

Year 8
Chloe Berry (8E)
Alex Magill (8L)
Year 9
Sara Graham (9O)
Luke Adamson (9S)
Year 10
Ellie Radcliffe (10N)
Daniel Hamilton (10Q)
Year 11
Kirsty Rea (11R)
Josh Beck (11C)
Year 12
Rhonda Currie (12N)
Johnston Kirkpatrick (12N)
Year 13
Beth Murphy (13C)
William Adair (13C)
Year 14
Eloise O'Neill (14L)
Zak Rainey (14L)