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House System

In Ballyclare Secondary there are four different houses, Collin, Ollar, Lindsay and McConnell.  Pupils compete in different house events throughout the year and earn points for their houses through attendance, work in the community, academic excellence, contribution to school life and endeavor.

Current House points

Lindsay 45
Ollar 43
McConnell 34
Collin 55

Meet the House Representatives 2022-23

KS3Abi Caldwell (10M)Oliver McIlwaine (10L)Matthew Clyde (10L)Maria Aldea (10U)
KS4Megan Matthews (11O)Curtis Robinson (11O)Reece Duff (11T)Abbie McQuillan (11P)
KS5Aaron McCrea (14D)Sarah Campbell (13O)Luis Finlay (14C)Sam Thompson (14M)

History of the House System

The idea of the house system was created shortly after the school opened in 1961.  At this point there were only two houses McConnell and Lindsay.  These two houses were named after two members of the schools Board of Governors,  Alec McConnell from Doagh and John Lindsay from Templepartick.    In later years, as the school grew in size, Collin (named after the scenic landmark 'the Collin') and Ollar (which was the original name for the Six Mile River) were added to the house system.

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