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Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs K Bell
  • Mrs W Shingleton
  • Mr A Nicholl (Acting Vice Principal for Pastoral Care)
  • Mr J Rea (Vice Principal for Curriculum, Learning and Teaching)
  • Mrs E Colgan (School Organisation)
  • Miss J Miniss (SENCO)
  • Mr I Thompson (Head of Progress and Outcomes)
  • Dr H Flint (Learning and Teaching)

Departmental Heads & Subject Coordinators:

  • Art and Design: Miss Y Moody
  • Business Studies: Mrs S Emerson (Acting Mrs L Patton)
  • English: Mr D Campbell
  • Geography: Mrs F Campbell
  • Health and Social Care: Mrs A McCrea
  • History: Mrs R Hill
  • Home Economics: Mrs L Chambers
  • ICT: Ms L Nevin
  • Languages: Mrs L Millar (Acting Ms S O'Conor)
  • Learning for Life and Work: Mr B Adams
  • Leisure/Travel & Tourism: Mrs S Emerson (Acting Mrs L Patton)
  • Mathematics: TBC
  • Media Studies: Mrs L McKay
  • Music: Mrs C Stewart
  • Performing Arts: Ms O O'Neill
  • Religious Education: Mrs A Coombs
  • Science: Mrs E Parr
  • Technology: Ms S Flanagan

Subject Coordinator

  • Physical Education: Mr A Blain (Acting Mr A Cowden)
  • Literacy Coordinator: Mrs M R Black
  • Numeracy Coordinator: Mrs L Woods
  • Examinations Officer (External): Miss S Trimble
  • Examinations Officer (Internal): Mrs C Wasson
  • Reports Development Officer: Mrs L Cowan
  • CEIAG Co-Ordinator: Ms J Russell


Art and Design

  • Miss Y Moody
  • Mr P McCausland
  • Ms E O’Donnell
  • Ms R Drysdale

Business Studies

  • Mrs S Emerson
  • Mrs L Patton
  • Mrs H Porte
  • Miss R Bishop


  • Mr DCampbell
  • Mrs M R Black
  • Miss L Dunwoody
  • Mr S Hennessy
  • Mrs C Massey
  • Mrs L McKeeman
  • Mrs C Reid
  • Miss H Dunlop
  • Mrs R Strange


  • Mrs F Campbell
  • Mrs C McAlister
  • Mrs S McCullough
  • Miss S Trimble

Health and Social Care

  • Mrs A McCrea


  • Mrs R Hill
  • Mr D McClean
  • Mr G McMillan
  • Mr G Ney

Home Economics

  • Mrs L Chambers
  • Mrs R Duncan
  • Mrs J Beggs
  • Miss S Clarke
  • Mrs A Cunningham
  • Mrs K Pedlow


  • Miss L Nevin
  • Mrs R Egan
  • Mrs N Weir


  • Mrs L Millar
  • Miss L Collins
  • Ms S O'Connor

Learning for Life and Work

  • Mr B Adams


  • Mrs L Cowan
  • Mrs S Jones
  • Mr D McKean
  • Miss J Smyth
  • Mrs J Thompson
  • Mrs C Wasson
  • Mrs L Woods

Media Studies

  • Mrs L McKay


  • Mrs C Stewart
  • Miss H Beattie
  • Mrs E Colgan
  • Miss A Francis


  • Miss S Ferguson 


  • Mr A Blain (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr A Cowden (Acting Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr S Crothers
  • Mr M Ferguson
  • Ms G Hall
  • Mr I Latham
  • Miss J Oliver
  • Miss D Paisley

Performing Arts

  • Ms O O’Neill
  • Miss H Beattie

Religious Studies

  • Mrs A Coombs
  • Mrs E Bothwell-Moore
  • Miss A Francis
  • Mrs G Patterson


  • Mrs E Parr
  • Mr D Beggs
  • Mrs J Baker
  • Miss J Harris
  • Mr G Hill
  • Ms L Loade
  • Mr S McAllister
  • Ms G Nugent
  • Ms J Russell
  • Mrs V William
  • Mr D Wray


  • Ms S Flanagan
  • Mr D Beckington
  • Mr A Graham
  • Mr S Patterson

Travel and Tourism

  • Mrs S Emerson
  • Mrs L Daws

Careers Guidance:

  • Mr B Adams
  • Ms J Russell

Safeguarding Team

  • Mrs W Shingleton
  • Mr A Nicholl
  • Miss J Miniss
  • Mr A Cowden
  • Miss Dunwoody
  • Mrs L McKay
  • Mrs N Weir

Non-Teaching Staff

First Aid:

  • School Nurse: Mrs N Yetman

School Office

Administration Staff:

  • Senior Executive Officer: Ms A Hatch
  • Executive Officer: Mrs D Kerr
  • Executive Officer: Mrs A Tessier (Mon-Wed)
  • Senior Clerical Officer: Mrs A Dent
  • Clerical Officer: Mrs T Bottomley
  • Clerical Officer: Mrs N Montgomery

Education Welfare Officer:

  • Ms McCracken

Building Supervisors:

  • Mr I Wright (Acting Mr M McGilton)
  • Mr N Higgins

Technology Department:

  • Mr I Heaney

Home Economics Department:

  • Mrs A Heslip
  • Mrs A McWilliams

Science Department:

  • Mr A Hanna
  • Mr M Higginson

AV Reprographics Room:

  • Mrs T Allen

Art Dept/Site Management:

  • Mr A McBride

IT Department:

  • Mr N Curran

Classroom Assistants:

  • Mrs C Armour
  • Mrs J Armstrong
  • Miss E Bannister
  • Mrs K Berry
  • Miss R Berry
  • Mrs T Bottomley
  • Mrs E Buckley
  • Miss R Brazier
  • Mrs E Chester
  • Mrs H Close
  • Mrs W Craig
  • Mrs A Crothers
  • Ms J Crothers
  • Mrs S Davis
  • Miss L Fittis
  • Mrs A Fleming
  • Mrs K Foster
  • Mrs A Gault
  • Mrs S Griffiths
  • Mrs G Hall
  • Mrs D Halligan
  • Mrs S Henry
  • Mrs R Kennedy
  • Mrs P Loftus
  • Mrs M Lynas
  • Mrs J Mannis
  • Mrs J Montgomery
  • Mrs L Morrison
  • Mrs J McAllister
  • Mrs K McClean
  • Mrs S McConkey
  • Mrs V McConnell
  • Mrs E McFall
  • Mra A McFarland
  • Miss N McKernon
  • Mrs C McKillen
  • Mrs N McKinty
  •  Mrs L McNeilly
  • Mrs D Nelson-Logan
  • Mrs Z O'Lynn
  • Mrs A Paul
  • Mrs G Patterson
  • Mrs G Patton
  • Miss J Potter
  • Mrs C Simpson
  • Miss H Shearer
  • Mrs C Somerville
  • Mrs J Strange
  • Mrs C Swain
  • Miss C Taylor
  • Mrs E Taylor
  • Mrs B Teaselsole
  • Miss K Thompson
  • Ms J Thompson
  • Ms S Thompson
  • Mrs A Vennard
  • Ms K Wallace
  • Mrs C Warwick
  • Mrs K Watson
  • Mrs A Whaley
  • Miss H Williamson

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