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European Day of Languages 26th Sept 2022

To mark the European Day of Languages the Modern Language Department has organised a few activities:


Mais oui! Crêpes2Go will be in school on Monday 26th September from period 1 -8 selling crêpes to Years 9 and 10 and to pupils who study GCSE French.  Pupils must have prepaid using ParentPay.  This will be opened up to Year 8s if we don’t get a lot of payments.


The European Day of Languages is devoted to promoting awareness among the general public of the importance of language learning and protecting linguistic heritage.

This year we have chosen to look at the Ukrainian language to help us appreciate language and diversity.

Here is a video from Olga saying hello to us in BSS and she teaches us hello, goodbye and ‘How are you?'.  This youtube video breaks it down more slowly of you want: 

Other useful links;

This link has really interesting facts about Ukraine and its language:

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