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GCSE Results Day

Today has been an incredible day for the GCSE pupils at Ballyclare Secondary School!

Notably, 74.86% of our year twelve pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades (including English and Mathematics) and 85.71% of our year twelve pupils achieved 5 or more A* to C grades (excluding English and Mathematics). Once again, our pupils have demonstrated that they are an absolute credit to themselves, their families, and our school, by achieving top grades across a number of subject areas.

Despite the continued impact of the pandemic, our young people have illustrated a commitment to their studies and personal growth and as a school, we are immensely proud of their achievements. Some may argue that it is our GCSE pupils who have had the biggest mountain to climb, having had limited exposure to external examinations in recent years; that is not to diminish the impact that the pandemic has had on all of our young people, yet the steep upward climb that GCSE pupils ventured on when schools returned to what was a new normal should be considered in context when we look at the achievement of so many today. 

The sheer buzz and excitement from pupils, parents and staff was palpable, as groups gathered in the front entrance and assembly hall to celebrate. This morning was an opportunity for our committed and caring staff to celebrate with year eleven and twelve pupils. It was an opportunity for parents and carers to share in the excitement of what lies ahead for our year twelve pupils. Moreover, it was wonderful to see a return of hugs and a closeness in a time of celebration.  

What was most noticeable from this morning was that our young people presented as focused and enthusiastic about the choices in front of them. Many were incredibly discerning about what their next steps will be and they engaged in thoughtful conversations with us about how best to move forward. From apprenticeships to employment, from A-Level study to vocational advancement, some arrived to school this morning with the wheels already in motion, others, left for their lunch with a calm reassurance that plans are now in place. 

It is equally important to recognise that days like today can also bring surprise and disappointment for some and it is how this disappointment is defined, assessed and then realigned is what matters. Good care comes down to discussing the best possible pathway for each young person and marrying it to the reality of what results bring to the fore. We encourage our school community to reach out to us if you require any further advice or support, beyond what you received this morning and this afternoon. Our dedicated careers, pastoral and curriculum teams are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Amongst the display of outstanding performances several pupils achieved top grades in their nine subjects, many attaining an incredible A* / A grade combination. We anticipate that this year’s sixth form will once again be filled to capacity.

As expressed to our A-Level pupils last week, we want you to recognise that it is on days like today that you should soak up every single second, storing the recognition of hard work and positive self-worth somewhere safe, so that in days ahead you can access the feelings all over-again. To our parents and carers, we want to acknowledge and thank you for the support you have offered and may continue to offer our school community. In the days, weeks, and months ahead we will continue to cherish your care and kindness.

On behalf of our whole school community – congratulations on your results!

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