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Information on Webinars for Parents of Pupils of with ASD

Middletown Centre Webinar Series June 2020
Middletown Centre for Autism has released dates for their webinars (please see below).

Adam Harris
Tuesday 2June 2020 – 19:00
What Works for Me

Patsy Daly
Thursday 4June 2020 – 19:00
Small Changes Big Differences
**All are welcome to attend but please note that this session was developed for teachers.**

Kari Dunn Buron
Thursday 11 June 2020 – 19:00
When My Worries Get Too Big!!

Brian McClean

Tuesday 16June 2020 – 19:00

Dr. Temple Grandin
Wednesday 24June 2020 – 17:00
Q&A with Middletown CEO

The live sessions will host a maximum of 3000 delegates live and most sessions will be posted on social media the following day. Sessions marked ‘live only’ will not.

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