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Breathing Techniques

There is so much at present that can make us feel unsure, worried, anxious or overwhelmed.  When you feel like this it can be hard to stay calm.  One way to tackle this is to slow down and concentrate on your breathing, getting enough oxygen deep into your lungs can help you regain control when faced panicky feelings.   It might seem silly at first and you might not think it is helping, but keep at it.  You can read more about the thinking behind breathing techniques by searching the NHS website here

Even if you are feeling good right now, it can be a great idea to practise breathing techniques.  Just like working out your body can help build physical fitness, techniques like this can build emotional fitness. Regular practice means you will have then ready for a time when you might need them. Click the title below to learn the steps to a quick breathing technique.

The Six Sides of Breathing activity

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