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Prince's Trust Achieve Programme

The Achieve Programme helps Students at KS4 develop the skills and confidence they need to engage and succeed in education, so they can reach their full potential. There are no examinations on the Achieve Programme. This qualifications is 100% centre assessed using portfolios of evidence and graded as Pass or Fail. A Level 2 Certificate ‘Pass’ grade is the equivalent of two B grades at GCSE.

Summary of subject content

The Prince’s Trust programme aims to engage the young people in a range of activities which are designed to develop their personal and social skills. These activities will also allow them to find out more about their local community, practice new skills including teamwork, budgeting and leadership. Pupils will be encouraged to think about their future employment and identify their strengths and interests through work experience.

The Achieve Programme curriculum covers topics including:
• Skills for School
• Personal and Social Development
• Life Skills
• Active Citizenship
• Enterprise Projects
• Preparation for Work
• Customer Service Skills

Progression Pathways

The Achieve Programme helps young people to develop a range of skills which helps their employability, for example confidence, communication, team-working and time management skills. These are skills that employers like to see in the workplace. Prince’s Trust will contribute to all career opportunities as it is fundamental in the development of the pupil as an individual within society.

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