Year 13 Parent/Carer Consultation

Our Year 13 Parent/Carer consultation will take place on Thursday 10th February 2022. We have introduced a new virtual appointment and online booking system through School Cloud. This will allow you to book your own appointments with the specific teachers you wish to speak to. Appointments can be made from 12 Noon on Wednesday 19th […]

Remote Learning Update

We are delighted to announce that Year 10 pupils will return to face to face teaching on Monday 13th December and it is planned for Year 9 to return on Tuesday 14th December 2021. Please find below a letter from the Principal concerning these arrangements.

Future Chef Competition

Abbie McClean competed in the Future Chef competition at the Northern Regional College in Ballymena. She made an amazing Thai dish and the judges were very impressed with her flavours and knowledge of cooking and she was awarded runner up. Naomi Barnes and Amy Turbett 11P took part at the schools heat of the competition […]