Where and When

Day- Tuesday
Time – 3.00-4.00
Venue – Music Department


The orchestra provides the opportunity for all pupils who receive instrumental lessons to play as part of an ensemble.  The orchestra play a wide variety of music from classical, popular, Marches and film music.

Events this Year

Due to COVID 19 restrictions we haven’t been able to rehearse and take part in our normal events.  Below is a link to our short Virtual Christmas Concert.

Virtual Christmas Concert

Please find below some information on pervious years events.

Ballyclare Festival 2020

In March last year the music department was a hive of activity as we were preparing for our local music festival. We had a vast number of pupils entered in many different classes including solos, ensembles, orchestra and windband. We had a very successful week of competing and brought home 8 trophies. The adjudicator was very impressed with the variety music performed and number of pupils who entered. She wrote many encouraging comments about out performances but also areas for improvement.

The school Orchestra was placed first in their class with their performance of ‘Harry Potter Medley’ and ‘Stand by Me’.  The windband came 2nd in their class performing ‘True and Trusty’ March and ‘Adam’s Family’.

Orchestra Performances

Stand By Me
Harry Potter Medley

Many of our instrumentalists were also place in their respective solo classes as was our clarinet ensemble. See their results below:

1st Place Clarinet Ensemble
1st Place String Ensemble
1st Place Natalie Mateer Brass Solo 15-16 Years
1st Place Jack Metcalf Traditional Solo
1st Place Lauren Mitchell Woodwind Solo 17-18 Years
2nd Place Joel Porter String Solo 12-14 Years
2nd Place John Watson Woodwind Solo 17-18 Years
3rd Place Sarah Halligan Woodwind Solo 15-16
3rd Place Lewis Clark String Solo 12-14 Years
3rd Place Taylor Carmichael Solo 12-14 Years

Christmas Concert 2019

The orchestra played an integral part in our Christmas Concert performing many of the pieces which they had rehearsed.  This was a wonderful opportunity to perform to family and friends and show case their achievements.  Many instrumentalists also performed in their smaller ensemble groups including the Flute ensemble, Clarinet ensemble, String group and Brass ensemble.

UTU Concert

We had the create privilege of being asked to perform at the Ulster Teacher Union centenary event in the Ulster Hall.  The event was a celebration of the arts including school from across Northern Ireland.  We were honoured to be asked to represent post primary school to show what standard can be achieved when pupils enter secondary education.  Over 40 pupils took part in the event and it was an amazing experience to be able to perform in the Ulster Hall.  The Orchestra performed two piece ‘The Dam Busters March’ by Eric Coates and the theme from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.