Year Forum

Our Year Forum is made up of two class representatives from each registration group. The representatives have been nominated by their class to represent their views on the wider school Forum. Year Forum representatives work with the teachers who lead the Forums to develop our school, create new initiatives work towards a better environment for us all. Year Forum meet half termly and then feedback topics discussed to their class during registration.

Year Forum Representatives 2018-2019

Year 8 GirlsBoys
8NKaela ClugstonDaniel Campbell
Hollie ThompsonJamie Houston
8JGrace Mayne
Reece Thompson
8PJasmine Shields
Harry Smyth
8CEwan McLean
Scott Bell
8GEmma Yip
Nathan Wallace
8SDanielle Todd
Jay Dows

Year 9GirlsBoys
9FLauren Ferguson
Logan McIlwrath
Josh Oliver
Darrell Mitchell
9IStephanie BairdTristan McKillen
9JSophie MitchellAdam Campbell
9BShantel CrothersCarson McCone
9OAnnie-Rose GillandersLuke Strahan
9GKaris RobinsonCarter Houston

Year 10GirlsBoys
10CKatie Todd

David Mawhinney
10DEvie DullaghanRobert Pook
10RRyan Johnston
James Godfery
10SJessica Price
Jodie Lee-Mitchell

10BEllie McLuckieMatthew Coleman
10MKaitlyn HamiltonJames Priest
10WJoel Neill
Harry Wilson

Year 11GirlsBoys
11CZara Jones

Adam Hamilton
11ETamzin McNeillyEva McCrory
11KPaige Swann
Sam Hawthorne
11GAnna MageeScott McAuley
11HRachel MageeEthan Gray
11LLuke Wilson
Scott Meekin
11MCourtney Shannon
John Allen

Year 12GirlsBoys
12EHollie Elliott
Bailey Surgenor
12PLauren HaweCaleb Fegan
12OJulianne MooreRhys Magill
12HEmma Nevin
Josh McAree
12CLaura Crymble
Ryan McWillams
12MChloe McCullaghJack Adams
12SKatie Armstrong
Bradley Yip
Year 13GirlsBoys
13CLeah Dudgeon
Lauren McKinty

13DHannah KirkpatrickJohn Watson
13HLucy Campbell
Leah Kirk

13MAbigail Moran
Lindsey McCormick

13SCharlee GraingerJosh Catherwood
13WSamantha BillingsAlex Carville
Year 14GirlsBoys
14BRachel Ramsay
Joel Moore
14PRachel FothergillEthan McKeown
14RCatherine Duff
Robyn McConnell

14TAbigail CoyleJack Buckley


Class Representatives 2014-2015

8ORhys MagillEmma Patterson
8HBen MooreCara Moorhead
8EMatthew PattersonJessica Hull
8PTristan HornerGeorgina Porter
8CTyler MurdockChloe Campbell
8SBradley YipMegan Hopper
8MMichael BrownChloe McCullagh
9QSamuel AdairEmily Campbell
9NEthan DowsEllie Radcliff
9BRoss DoddsOlivia Smith
9MColin GrahamLeah Kirk
9WCarter HarbinsonDarla McMaster
9REthan BellAmy McAdoo
9YJonathan McClearyMelissa Edwards
10FScott HagganRebecca Wallace
10MRory CarrollGabrielle Mahood
10RJames CloseLois Sellar
10SJack BuckleyRachel Houston
10ABen McDonaldRosmund Moore
10JAdam GrayAmber Agnew
10CJosh BeckZara Stirling
11DCourtney McTaggartRobyn Millar
11ELuke McGurkAlexis McKernon
11MBen BraniffJenny Coulter
11NRhonda CurrieEmma Shannon
11PRoss MillenMagda Kiermaszek
11RDavid AgnewSandi McIlhenny
11WRenee BlackChloe Evans
12SEthan NobleEllen Kirk
12GJordan JenkinsMelissa Courtney
12TBenjamin PattersonEmma Corbett
12CWilliam AdairRebecca Buchanan
12OMarcus KennedyTaylor Chapman
12MJohn AlcornPenny Richmond
12JEthan WatsonMegan Robinson
13WJacque BallAlayah Collins
13RKent GillMorgan Hamill
13CScott FinlayLaura Maybin
13LNicole ReidBethany Stewart
13BConor McKeeZoe McKeown
14MJordan JenkinsAshleigh Maynard
14BRyan TurkingtonHannah Sloan
14WJordan CaldwellNicole Billings
14PAlex HaganRachel Cunningham
14HKarl McDowellOlivia McCambridge

2013-2014 Members

Year 8
Rebecca McCullough
Jack Sloan
Year 9
Molly Robinson
Joshua Blair
Year 10
Rhiannon Muise
Lewis Harper
Year 11
Stephen Matthews
Emma Corbett
William Adair
Year 12
Beth Reid
Jack Wright
Year 13
Elliott Burch
Laura Currie
Year 14
Eleanor Hyndman
Ryan Turkington

2012 – 2013

As in previous years, elections were held in September, in which each class selected 2 pupils to represent them in the Year Forums. The Year Forums met throughout the first term, discussing issues of interest to their particular year group. In December, each Year Forum elected 2 members to represent them on the full Student Forum, which met regularly for the rest of the year. The pupils decided very quickly what their priorities were for the academic year. 2012-2013 they decided to focus on how to best welcome Year 8 pupils to Ballyclare Secondary. They had many thoughts and ideas but finally decided on a little canvas Welcome Bag filled with many educational essentials and treats to settle into life at Ballyclare Secondary School.

The pupils along with the assistance of Dargan Press designed the product and created 187 personalised bags. Pupils then got busy sourcing items and pricing them to keep within a budget. The real fun then began when all the bags and products arrived in school and it was time to get the little packages together.

In August 2013 Year 8 pupils were very excited to receive their bags and parents have described them as fantastic and very useful.

The representatives on both the Student Forum and the Year Forums are to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and mature participation throughout the year.