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Parent Support Page

  • From the Children and Young People Strategic Partnership - In response to current developments due to COVID-19 our Locality Planning Group Members have provided CYPSP with updates to their family support provision and how to access these - Children and Young People Strategic Partnership

  • Recently the Department of Education launched an app on the Safer Schools platform which has been provided by iNEQE Safeguarding Group on a trial basis during this COVID-19 crisis. The app is currently widely used across the rest of the UK. - Safer Schools App Information

Additional Information - iNEQE has provided some really good free materials to help children understand what Covid-19 is  -

My Strengths Toolkit for Teenagers

Check out the My Strengths Toolkit, developed by the Education Authority and Youth Work Alliance, which helps pupils set goals for the week, plan what they will do with their extra time, look after themselves and stay motivated. Click here

Helplines NI

Helplines NI brings together over 30 helplines
operating across Northern Ireland.

The Helplines NI leaflet and website
( provide a directory of
the helplines within Northern Ireland. - Click here for leaflet

Should parents be worried about 'Gaming Disorder'?

Below is a link to Ineqe in relation to gaming that you may find useful, there could be a lot of children gaming more than they used too. - LinkĀ 

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