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Planning for Wellbeing

We all know we have to plan our homework and exam revision but let's look at how planning is so important for wellbeing.

By creating a self-care plan you will be able to identify activities that you can use to support your mental health.
You can adapt your plan on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your schedule or priorities.
By breaking down your self-care approaches into different categories (physical, emotional, social and practical) you will be able to monitor and positively influence your wellbeing throughout your day.

The download of an excerpt of a publication from the Anna Freud Centre includes some activities that you may wish to try and includes links so you can read how these activities have helped other young people when they feel low or anxious. If an activity works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, stop and try something else. Download your guide to making a self-care plan here.

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