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School Nurse

In addition to teaching staff the school provides a School Nurse, on duty daily from 8.30am – 4:15pm. Our nurse is a registered nurse who supervises our Medical Centre and deals with pupils’ medical issues, illnesses and first aid, as well as providing help, support, and guidance to our students. The nurse also keeps records of all pupils with specific medical conditions or requiring essential medications.

The nurse will contact parents if a pupil is ill or injured and needs collected from school. Pupils should not make contact with home themselves!

Parents can contact the nurse via the School Office on 028 93322610.

Pupil General Health

Below are links to NHS advice for some of the common health related queries you may have regarding your son/daughter’s health and wellbeing. The school nurse is available during school hours for any school related health queries.

Pupil Mental Health

 Maintaining mental wellbeing can be difficult; and it’s difficult in different ways for different people.

Some advice and support can be located by following the links below.

Parents' A-Z Mental Health Guide
Your Child's Mental Health
Advice for Parents or Carers of Young People Experiencing Poor Mental Health
Beat Eating Disorder Association

Back to School Tips from AWARE

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