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Special Music Assembly

Mrs Shingleton led an assembly for our Years 8 and 9 pupils to celebrate in the exceptional successes of our fabulous musicians during their time at the Ballyclare Music Festival. The choir also started our day off beautifully with some wonderful singing.

Below are the overall results from an amazing week and a massive well done to everyone who took part.

Joint 2nd place  - Jayden Doak  and Oliver McIlwaine in the Traditional Class 

2nd place  - Jayden Doak Under 11 piano solo

3rd place - Ruby Cartwright Under 16 piano solo

1st place - Lauren Ferguson Under 16 piano solo.  

2nd place - Hannah Gillespie under 18 piano solo

3rd place - Hollie Hamilton 12-14 brass solo

2nd  place - Erin Ashe15-16 brass solo

1st place - Brass ensemble

1st place - Lucy Bingham under 11 solo.

Joint 3rd place - Abigail Pye and Daniel Campbell in the 15-16 vocal solo.

2nd place - Eva Campbell in the 15-16 vocal solo.

3rd place - Chloe Gilmore in the 17-18 vocal solo

1st place -  Jack Metcalfe in the 17-18 vocal solo

Overall best vocalist of the day Jack Metcalfe          

1st place - Grace Martin under 11 woodwind class

3rd place - Abi Caldwell in the under 12-14 woodwind class

1st place - Taylor Carmichael 15-16 woodwind class

2nd place - Hannah Caldwell under 17-18 class

1st place – Flute ensemble

2nd place – Clarinet ensemble

Joint 3rd - Lois Bell and Sarah Dalzell in the 12-14 string solo class

Joint 2nd place – Ruby Cartwright and Lewis Clark in the 15-16 string solo class

1st place – Joel Porter in the 15-16 string solo class

2nd place – Senior String Ensemble                   

3rd place – Junior String Ensemble

1st place – Orchestra

Best overall instrumental performance of the day

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