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SU - Cat from Barnabas Aid

Today at SU we had a brilliant quiz where pupils had to guess the flag of the country on the screen, then the iconic world landmarks and finally the country of some famous footballers. Congratulations to Owen Blackwell 9F who has an amazing knowledge and he won the quiz. Lucy Barnett 9M also showcased her fantastic knowledge of countries around the world.

We were humbled to learn about our visiting speaker Cat who grew up in a Romanian orphanage and now wants to help others around the world who are in need. He works for an organisation called Barnabas Aid and they work with schools and church groups to help people who are in a crisis situation. Recently they have helped the people in Turkey who have no home due to the devastating earthquake, by shipping out boxes of essential food supplies. Staff and pupils were surprised to learn that a bag of porridge can cost as little as 6p so we were all challenged to think about how we could help people who are in need.

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