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GCSE English Literature

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA


This specification aims to encourage students to:

  • become critical readers of prose, drama and poetry;
  • develop the ability to analyse the impact of language, structure and form in a range of texts;
  • connect ideas, themes and issues in a range of texts;
  • explore contexts and experience different times, cultures, viewpoints and situations in texts; and
  • read for enjoyment and nurture a lifelong love of literature.

Key features

The following are important features of this specification.

  • It offers opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed through the delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 3.
  • It is a unitised specification, allowing students flexibility in preparing for assessment.
  • It allows students to study English Literature and related subjects at a more advanced level and to develop the skills they need to progress to employment.

Scheme of Assessment

Students must take at least 40 percent of the assessment (based on unit weightings) at the end of the course as terminal assessment.

Blood Brothers- Resource 

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