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GCSE Music

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA


Pupils studying GCSE Music will have the opportunity to develop listening skills, composing and performance skills through three components

Component 1: Performing and Appraising

  • Students prepare pieces for solo performance and for ensemble performance up to a maximum of 6 mins.
  • They discuss and appraise both their performances and those of others.

Component 2: Composing

  • Students create two compositions.  One is in response to a pre-release stimulus and one is free choice.
  • Composition portfolio must be between 3-6 mins.
  • They record their compositions and provide a score, a lead sheet or a written account of their work.

Component 3: Listening and Appraising

  • External written examination 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Students answer questions based on familiar and unfamiliar music relating to the Areas of Study.
  1. Western Classical Music 1600–1910
  2. Film Music
  3. Musical Traditions of Ireland
  4. Popular Music 1980–present day


Progression Pathway
GCSE Music is an excellent foundation for A level study of Music. It can also lead into further study in sound, music and production courses in Further Education.

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