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Leisure/Travel and Tourism

Aims and Overview of Leisure/Travel and Tourism

We all take part in leisure and tourism activities, whether it is going to the cinema, visiting a tourist attraction, going to a health club or planning a holiday. The leisure, travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Studying Leisure/Travel and Tourism will provide you with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in this exciting and growing sector of the economy.


Mrs Emerson (Subject Leader)

Why Study Leisure/Travel and Tourism?

Our GCSE and A-Level courses give students a broad knowledge and understanding of the leisure, travel and tourism industries in the UK and abroad. Students also gain insight into related sectors such as business, retail and distribution and hospitality and catering.

Career Opportunities
The job opportunities for students with a qualification in Leisure/Travel and Tourism are wide and varied. Related careers include hotel managers, customer services managers, leisure assistants, park rangers, restaurant managers, fitness instructors, travel consultants, conference organisers, cabin crew, airport ground staff, tourist guides, resort representatives.

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