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A-Level French

Specification/Exam Board:   CCEA

Criteria for Entry : Grade C* or above in GCSE French

The AS and A2 courses in French extend naturally from the skills developed and assessed at GCSE.

The courses encourage candidates to:

  • develop understanding of spoken and written forms of French in a variety of contexts
  • communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in French, using increasingly accurate, complex and varied language

A-level pupils in the past have visited the Queen’s Film Theatre and attended study days at Queen’s University, Belfast. These will be available again if the opportunity arises.

GCE French pupils receive 8 periods of French in each year. Added to this are two periods of self-study and a minimum of two periods with the French Assistant, who works with small groups or individuals, to give them extra support in their A-Level French studies

Summary of Subject Content

AS Level
Students will explore and develop understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of France while building upon their linguistic knowledge and abilities. This will be achieved by listening, reading and responding to authentic material.

Assessment is in the form of two examinations covering the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. These examinations are usually taken in May/June of Year 13.

A2 Level
Successful completion of the AS course leads to further study of the topic areas above in greater depth and developing a higher level of critical awareness. Study at A2 level includes issues of local and global citizenship and awareness. At A2 students also study French Literature.

Assessment follows a similar format to AS level

Summary of the structures of AS and A2

As A2 structure table

The AS and A2 level courses provide a very solid foundation for study at a higher level in a range of linguistic areas of practice.

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