Health and Social Care

Overview/Aims of the Learning Area

Health and Social Care is a stimulating, relevant and interesting subject. The health, social care and early years sectors are major employers in Northern Ireland.

  • By choosing this subject you will be given the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects including communication, health promotion, family issues and quality care.
  • This subject develops knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to degrees in nursing, allied health professions, social sciences, social work and early years.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop valuable skills such as research, analysis, communication, working with others, independent learning, creative thinking and problem solving.

Mrs A McCrea (Subject Leader)
Mrs J Beggs
Miss S Clarke
Mrs A Cunningham
Mrs C Edwards
Mrs K Pedlow


  • The subject of Health and Social and Social Care is delivered within the Home Economics Department of the school.
  • It has access to 3 multi-purpose classrooms with 20 computers and a printer in each room.
  • Each room has a promethean board with a computer link to the C2K network and Apple TV.
  • The subject is also delivered within a large attractive classroom which has access to 20 laptops.

GCE Health and Social Care

Specification / Exam board:  CCEA


Students will study an eclectic range of subjects relevant to employment in the health, social care and early years sectors of the economy. There is a good balance between externally assessed units (examinations) and internally assessed units (portfolios) which enable you to plan work effectively and monitor your progress on a regular basis. As this is an applied subject with a vocational perspective, you will be given the opportunity to access a health, social care or early years setting such as a hospital, care home, day centre, nursery or primary school. During this placement you will gain first hand experience of the day to day running of the setting.

Criteria for Entry

  • GCSE Grade B or above in one of the following subjects: Business and Communication, Business Studies, Child Development, English, English Literature, Geography, History, Home Economics, ICT, PE, Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Leisure and Tourism.

NB: Completion of the 1 Year Cambridge Technical course will not be acceptable for entry on this course.

Assessment Format

Internal assessment involves the completion of a written report which is restricted to a word count limit. External assessment involves the completion of a two hour exam paper which contains 3 questions.

Summary of the structure of AS and A2

AS Level

Unit TitleForm of AssessmentWeighting
AS 1: Promoting Quality CareInternal assessment 5000 word report25% AS
10% A Level
AS 2: Communicating in a Care SettingInternal Assessment 5000 word report25% AS
10% A Level
AS 3: Health and Well Being2 hour examined unit (3 questions)50% AS
20% A Level

A2 Level

Unit TitleForm of AssessmentWeighting
A2 3: Providing Services
2 hour examined unit based on pre-release material.
3 questions based on one service group use
30 % A Level
A2 4: Health PromotionInternal Assessment 5000 word report15% A Level
A2 5: Supporting the FamilyInternal Assessment 5000 word report15% A Level

Career Opportunities

Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Clinical Science, Health Education and Promotion, Counselling, Social  Work, Early Years, Child Care or Teaching.

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