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GCSE Construction & Built Environment

Why study this subject?

GCSE Construction and the Built Environment encourages students to develop their knowledge of the industry, which they then apply in relevant and work-related contexts. The course is both academic and practical developing young people for a future in both Professional and Technical roles within the Construction Industry. Students learn to interpret drawings of domestic buildings and explore the materials and sustainable methods used in domestic and commercial construction. Construction and the Built Environment also helps students to appreciate the importance of health and safety in the construction industry. To enhance their practical skills, students complete a craft project based on woodwork. They also develop their computer-aided design knowledge, understanding and skills by producing a portfolio of work. Students will develop knowledge of the materials and sustainable methods used in domestic and commercial construction in Northern Ireland.
All students have the opportunity to study Construction and the Built Environment for GCSE and depending on their ability and inclination can achieve from Grade A* to G. This is a modular course based upon students undertaking two modules in Year 11 and two modules in Year 12, the details of which can be found in the table below.

Summary of Assessment

Progression Pathways
This GCSE course can be used as a basis for further study in Construction at Level 3 and is a good grounding for students who wish to enter apprenticeships or employment in the wider technological, construction or engineering fields.

Career Opportunities
Construction boasts a wide variety of careers including project management, design, skilled manual labour, IT and marketing. Some examples are Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Site Technician, Design Technician, Construction Planner, Joiner, Bricklayer, Plumber, Painter & Decorator.

Please follow this link for detailed information on Career opportunities -

For further information about the construction industry please see the following website –

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