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GCSE Technology and Design

Specification/Exam Board: CCEA

Key features

The following are important features of this specification.

  • It offers opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed through the delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 3.
  • It allows students to develop transferable skills, which will benefit them in

vocational training and employment.

  • It makes students aware of creative, engineering and manufacturing industries.
  • It incorporates product design, and systems and control.
  • It encourages students to be creative, innovative and prepared to take design risks.
  • It makes students aware that high quality design and technology are important.
  • It makes students aware that many modern day innovations are developed from existing and historical solutions.

Unit 1: Technology and Design Core Content (Weighting 25% – External exam 1Hr 30mins).

This unit is compulsory. It comprises designing, manufacturing, electronic control systems, mechanical control systems, pneumatic systems and control, and computer control systems. Students studying the core should be able to recognise, name and draw all the symbols shown in Appendix 3 (Undertaken in Year 11).    

Unit 2: Optional Areas of Study (Weighting 25% – External exam 1Hr 30mins).

This unit includes synoptic assessment building on the content of Unit 1. This encourages students to develop their understanding of the subject as a whole (Undertaken in Year 12).

Unit 3: Design and Manufacturing Project

This unit is compulsory for all students and carries a weighting of 50% of the full qualification. It has a time guidance of approximately 30 hours. The project allows students to demonstrate their ability to design and manufacture a product.

CCEA issues a number of themes each year with the candidate choosing a theme to develop as their individual design and manufacturing project. The design and manufacturing comprises of the following:

Design portfolio (25%)

The design portfolio should be a maximum of ten A3 sheets on one side only or equivalent.

Manufacturing (25%)

The manufactured solution should be functional and appropriately presented.

Undertaken in Year 12 along with Unit 2.

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