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A-Level Geography

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA

Criteria for Entry: Grade B or above in GCSE Geography

AS Level

Unit 1 Physical Geography – worth 40% of AS and 16% A level

This unit includes

  • Processes and features in fluvial environments
  • Human interaction within fluvial environments
  • Global biomes
  • Small scale ecosystems
  • The processes that shape our weather and
    Weather in the British Isles
  • Global weather issues

Unit 2 Human Geography – worth 40% of AS and 16% A level

This unit includes

  • Population data
  • Population change
  • Population and resources
  • Settlement change
  • Planning in rural environments
  • Urban challenges
  • Measuring development
  • Reducing the development gap
  • Emerging markets

Unit 3 Fieldwork Skills and Techniques– worth 20% of AS and 8% A level

In this unit students actively collect data through fieldwork and are assessed on their ability to present, analyse, interpret and evaluate their data and techniques.  In addition there are questions which require a response to quantitative and qualitative data from secondary sources.

During the course of the year students undertake a fieldwork investigation which requires an overnight stay.

These units are assessed as external written exams.  Papers 1 and 2 assess units 1 and 2 respectively and are composed of short structured questions in Section A and extended writing questions in Section B.  Both these papers are 1hour and 15 minutes duration.  Paper 3 assesses fieldwork and responses to quantitative and qualitative data from secondary sources.

A2 Level

Assessment takes the format of 3 external exams, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

Unit 1.  Physical Geography. – worth 24% of final exam

Section 1 Physical Geography

This also includes 2 options from 4 available.

Option A – Plate Tectonics – Theory and Outcomes*
Option B – Tropical Ecosystems -Nature and Sustainability
Option C – Dynamic Coastal Environments*
Option D – Climate Change – Pat and Present

Unit 2 Human Geography – worth 24% of final exam

Section 1 Human Geography

There are 4 options from which students will study two.

Option A – Cultural Geography*
Option B – Planning for Sustainable Settlements*
Option C – Ethnic Diversity
Option D – Tourism*

Unit 3 Decision Making in Geography – worth 12%of A Level

In this unit students develop decision making skills in a real world scenario.  They identify and analyse appropriate material, examine conflicting issues and make and justify recommendations.

indicates the options studied within this section.

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