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GCSE Business Studies

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA

Business Studies helps students understand more about how and why businesses operate in the way that they do. Students are able to relate what they study to everyday activities, such as purchasing goods, and the news reported in the media.  Business Studies also opens up a wide range of opportunities for further learning and develops knowledge and understanding of the world of business, through visits to actual businesses and events allowing pupils to practise business in action.  Pupils are able to improve their skills in decision-making, interpreting and managing information, and devising solutions to problems and issues.

Course contents include:

Unit 1 (Year 11) which includes:

Within this unit students explore how to start a business. They look at why businesses start and the resources required to maintain and grow them. Students explore business aims and the impact that various stakeholder groups may have on businesses.  They then go on to explore marketing options and consider the impact of e-business on potential growth strategies. This unit also looks at standards within business included those for quality and health and safety. 

Unit 2 & Unit 3 (Year 12) which includes:

Unit 2 allows students to examine recruitment and selection practices and analyse the importance of a business having motivated and well-trained employees. They identify the signs of business success and failure and evaluate the different ways in which businesses grow. This unit allows students to explore business finance. They examine the sources of finance and complete basic cash flow forecasts, as well as interpreting simple financial statements. When analysing business performance, students consider concepts such as ratio analysis and break-even (BE).

Unit 3 is a synoptic unit, which may examine any area of content from the specification, and students have to apply their knowledge and understanding to a real business context. This controlled assessment requires students to carry out research and apply it, together with their own knowledge, to a range of circumstances. They examine and evaluate specified areas of a business plan and make reasoned recommendations.

Assessment overview:

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