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A-Level Performing Arts

Specification/Examination Board: CCEA

This course encourages students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the techniques and approaches required in the performing arts industry. Performing arts is a growth industry in Northern Ireland. It encompasses drama, dance, music and any genre that involves performing to an audience. From the latest global blockbuster to local drama groups and street theatre, performing arts forms an important part of our leisure industry.

Criteria for Entry: 

Grade C* or above in one of the following subjects:
GCSE Music (where Singing Performance discipline is taken—must be at least Grade 5 standard)
GCSE Drama
GCSE Performing Arts
GCSE PE (where Dance discipline is taken)

GCE Performing Arts has two levels: AS and A2.

AS (40%)

Unit 1
Students develop their skills and apply them to practical contexts. They must produce a portfolio of evidence, including research, a skills audit, a risk assessment and a record and evaluation of their work.

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Unit 2
This unit consists of planning and realising a performing arts event. Students produce a supporting document to record their work as they plan, develop and realise their performing arts event.

This unit is externally assessed. A Supporting Document in three sections is produced under controlled conditions and the live performance and/or presentation is assessed by a visiting examiner.

A2 (60%)

Unit 1
Students learn about planning for employment in the performing arts industry. They produce a promotional portfolio and take part in a mock audition and interview. (Performance students have an audition and production students give a presentation).

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Unit 2
Students form a production company to research, plan, promote and realise a performing arts event in response to a commission brief. They produce a record of work, which includes a research report, promotional materials and evidence of tasks completed.

This unit is externally examined.

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