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Aims and Overview of the Department

As a department with a love for Psychology, we aim to develop our students understanding and skills to that they can :-

  • Explain complex human behaviour such as Criminal Behaviours, Aggressive Behaviours and Stress
  • Explain human behaviour from five different psychological perspectives including the Behaviourist Approach, Biological Approach, Cognitive Approach, Positive Approach and Psychodynamic Approach
  • Critically evaluate complex psychological theories and studies
  • Apply psychological theories and concepts to real-life scenarios
  • Develop an understanding of Research Methods and how it can be applied to real-life
  • Design and conduct psychological research with participants in real-life
  • Effectively implement the ethical guidelines outlined by the British Psychological Society (BPS) when conducting research


Miss Ferguson (Miss C Agnew)
Mrs Colgan


The teaching of Psychology takes place in the Lecture Theatre at Ballyclare Secondary School. The department is equipped with a computer and data projector. Other resources available include copies of the up-to-date textbook, student booklets for each topic, whiteboards to aid learning and revision guides.

Why study Psychology

As we all know, human behaviour is highly complex. Psychology is a fascinating subject which gives our young people the opportunity to look at the human behaviour and mind in more depth, helping them to understand the reasons behind why we act and feel the way we do.

Psychology students develop a wide variety of skills, some of which include :-

  • Ability to discuss and understand complex debates
  • Understand the behaviour displayed by others
  • Develop critical evaluation skills through verbal and written work
  • Ability to design and conduct research in real-life
  • Analyse and interpret data

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