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A-Level Nutrition and Food Science

Specification/Examination Board:  CCEA

Why Choose GCE Nutrition and Food Science? Nutrition and Food Science are currently high in the public’s perception and there could not be a better time to develop knowledge and understanding of the subject, given the current global and national food issues. Nutrition is a fast-moving discipline that focuses on understanding the role of diet in maintaining a healthy human body and preventing disease.

Entry requirements for Nutrition and Food Science
Grade B or above in one of the following subjects:
GCSE Food and Nutrition
GCSE Double Award Science

Summary of Subject Content

AS Level

Unit 1      Principles of Nutrition

In this unit students study macronutrients and micronutrients and other dietary constituents. They also study nutritional requirements and current dietary recommendations for each life stage.

Unit 2      Diet, Lifestyle and Health

In this unit students investigate current research on diet, lifestyle and health.

A2 Level

Unit 1      Food Security and Sustainability

In this unit students examine consumer behaviour when making food purchasing decisions and consider the issues and implications of consumer food choice.

Unit 2      Research project

In this unit students submit a report on a research project of their own choice which should not exceed 4,000 words. Students must take their research area from AS1, AS2 or A21. The project gives students opportunities to demonstrate appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills demanded by the process.


Summary of the structures of AS and A2   

UnitAssessment FormatWeightings % of A level
AS 1External Exam (1hr 30 min)20%
AS 2External Exam (1hr 30 min)20%
A2 1External Exam (2hr 30 min)30%
A2 2Internal Assessment (4000 words)30%

A Post-16 Nutrition and Food Science qualification is useful and relevant for many careers, such as:  Consumer Studies, Environmental Health, Health and Social services, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Technology and Production, Hospitality and Catering Industry, Education (Teaching and Health Education).


Pupils are given the opportunity to visit Loughry College to attend one of their special events. Speakers are also invited to class to enhance learning e.g a representative from FareShare.

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