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Home Economics

Aims and Overview of the Home Economics Department

Home Economics has an important contribution to make to the whole school curriculum. Pupils learn about diet and health in a practical context- through preparation of food and the planning of meals. It also encourages pupils to think about their relationship with food in a positive way, to challenge the way they choose food, and to inspire a love for food and a willingness to experiment and be creative with food.

Home Economics also allows pupils to explore and debate topics around the key concepts of home and family life and independent living. As a result, pupils become more informed and responsible to make choices about their health, their family relationships and their resources now and in the future.

The aims of our department are:-

  • To help pupils understand the role of the home and family.
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of their physical, emotional and intellectual needs and the needs of others and how these change throughout their life according to circumstances and resources available.
  • To develop thinking and decision making skills of pupils on matters relating to home and family
  • To develop a range of skills including: creative, investigative, communication and management.
  • To provide opportunities to work independently, in pairs or as part of a group, through the experience of practical activities.


Mrs Chambers (Head of Home Economics)
Mrs Beggs
Miss Clarke
Mrs Cunningham
Mrs Duncan
Mrs Neale

Technical Staff

Mrs Heslip
Mrs McWilliams


  • The Home Economics Department contains three newly equipped multipurpose practical rooms for 20 pupils.
  • Each room has an interactive promethean board with a computer link to the C2K Network and projector with the facility to demonstrate cooking techniques via video camera.
  • Each multi purpose practical room has a link computer for 20 pupils.
  • A spacious, attractive classroom is used for the delivery of Child Development lessons and Health and Social Care.
  • There is also an HE office and a Technician’s store.
  • All ingredients, raw materials and equipment are provided for pupils during practical sessions.

Equipment Needed

The only equipment pupils are required to bring for practical lessons is a named container in order to take home their cookery.
Pens, pencils and a ruler are required for theory lessons.

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