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Art KS3

Pupils in year 8 and 9 are timetabled for 3 periods of Art and Design a week and year 10 pupils receive 2 periods. Throughout the year we aim to provide the pupils with a wide variety of mediums to enhance their creativity and imagination. They are also encouraged to think independently and be a valuable member when working as part of a group. Mutual respect of each other’s work is also paramount within the classroom.

Year 8 – Schemes of Work

  • Colour Theory – Henri Matisse – View from a Window
  • Leaves – Henri Rousseau
  • Food – Wayne Thiebaud
  • Doors – Stories & Imagination

Year 9 – Schemes of Work

  • Fish Project – Paul Klee
  • Portraits – Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso
  • Farming – Henry Moore, Paul Bell, Basil Blackshaw

Year 10 – Schemes of Work

  • Still Life – Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh
  • African Masks – African Culture
  • Youth Culture – Peter Blake
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