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Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA


The course is made up of 2 coursework projects known as ‘Component 1, comprising of Part A and Part B’ and an externally set examination ‘component 2’.

The pupils are encouraged to work in as many mediums as possible and each pupil is taught on an individual basis structuring their projects to their own interests. The wide range of opportunities available for the pupils within this subject area include drawing, painting, graphic design, textile design, lens-based media, critical and contextual studies, 3D design and sculpture.

Art and Design is regarded traditionally as a practical subject concerned primarily with making things in 2 and 3 dimensions. The development of practical skills however is only part of a complete experience of the subject. An Art and Design education develops the intellect, stimulates creative ability and heightens aesthetic awareness, thus enriching the pupils’ lives.

The course develops over 2 years and leads to assessment in the following 2 areas:

Component 1: Part A: Exploratory Portfolio   Part B: Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries  Controlled assessment   Internally set and assessed   Externally moderated  60%     Part A: 25% 50 marks   Part B: 35% 70 marks
Component 2: Externally Set AssignmentControlled assessment   Externally set and internally assessed   CCEA set the stimulus paper that provides a choice of themed starting points   Externally moderated  40% 80 marks
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