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At Key Stage 3 the ICT curriculum is mainly skills based providing the pupils with the opportunity to develop the necessary proficiency in using the core digital applications needed for them to progress to GCSE Level. The safety of our pupils is of paramount importance and to this end we devote a Unit in each Year Group to eSafety.

Time Allocated: 2 Periods per week

Homework: 1 computer homework per term
Weekly spellings and/or definitions

Year 8:
Unit 1: Introduction to ICT
Unit 2: Essential ICT Skills
Unit 3: Word Processing
Unit 4: Spreadsheets

Year 9:
Unit 1: Internet Safety
Unit 2: Photoshop
Unit 3: Website Development
Unit 4: Intermediate Coding

Year 10:
Unit 1: Internet Safety
Unit 2: Digital Data
Unit 3: Databases
Unit 4: Interface Design

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