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Graphic Design & Website Development (Occupational Studies)

Specification/Examination Board: CCEA

This modular course provides an appropriate alternative to the traditional GCSE in ICT/Digital Technology. This course has an emphasis on learning by doing; students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in practical work related situations. They also get to develop an appreciation of the environmental impact of the tasks they carry out as well as raise their awareness of the health and safety issues relating to computers.

Year 11 will focus on Graphic Design and Year 12 will focus on Website Development. This course is a good introduction to the design of graphics and their use in websites.

Summary of subject content

Progression Pathways
This programme of study is not a suitable option for pupils considering A-Levels at Ballyclare Secondary School, however it can provide a basis for further studies in Graphic Design and Website Development at Level 3.

Career Opportunities
Website designer, graphic designer, marketing, branding, advertising, printing, interior design, packaging designer, blogger, video game illustrator, photographer, magazine layout designer, animator, digital illustrator, stationary designer.

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