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GCSE Science Double Award

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA

Criteria for Entry:

  • We recommend students achieve 70% in their end of Key Stage 3 Summer Assessment and consider the advice of their teacher when choosing subjects for KS4.

The aims of the course are:

  •  Develop their knowledge and understanding of the material, physical and living worlds;
  • Develop their understanding of the effects of science on society;
  •  Develop their understanding of the importance of scale in science;  
  • Develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of the nature of science and of the scientific process;          
  • Develop their understanding of the relationships between hypotheses, evidence, theories and explanations;           
  • Develop their awareness of risk and the ability to assess potential risk and potential benefits;         
  • Develop and apply their observational, practical, modelling, enquiry and problem-solving skills and understanding in laboratory, field and other learning environments;   
  • Develop their ability to evaluate claims based  on science through critical analysis of the        methodology, evidence and conclusions both qualitatively and quantitatively; and     
  • Develop their skills in communication, mathematics and the use of technology in scientific contexts.

Summary of Course Content

Year 11Year 12
Biology Unit B1: Cells, Living Processes and            BiodiversityBiology Unit B2: Body Systems, Genetics, Microorganisms and Health
Chemistry Unit C1: Structures, Trends, Chemical Reactions, Quantitative Chemistry and AnalysisChemistry Unit C2: Further Chemical Reactions, Rates and Equilibrium, Calculations and Organic Chemistry
Physics Unit P1: Motion, Force, Moments,            Energy, Density, Kinetic Theory, Radioactivity,    Nuclear Fission and FusionPhysics Unit P2: Waves, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism and Space Physics
 Unit 7 Practical Skills: Practical skills in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Summary of Assessment

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