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Preparation for Adult Life Level 2 Certificate

Specification/Examination Board: CCEA

This qualification is available as an alternative to GCSE Learning for Life and Work and GCSE Religious Studies.

Preparation for Adult Life explores local and global issues, and investigates cultural diversity and the challenges and opportunities this brings to our society. By studying this subject, you can develop your skills to support you in thinking and acting independently.

Studying Preparation for Adult Life can provide preparation for future employment as you will study the skills, qualities and attitudes required for a successful career, how employers assess candidates’ suitability for a particular job and how to prepare for an interview.
You will explore the role of the entrepreneur in starting up a business. The course will also help you to plan for your personal career and consider lifelong learning benefits.

Pupils must complete a Portfolio of evidence for each of the 13 compulsory units. There are no external exams associated with this qualification. Pupils will be awarded either a Pass or a Fail. A Pass is the equivalent to a B grade at GCSE level.

Summary of subject content
Unit 1 Diversity & Social Inclusion
Unit 2 Democracy & Democratic
Unit 3 Human Rights & Social Responsibility
Unit 4 Equality & Social Justice
Unit 5 Preparation for Work
Unit 6 Business in the Community
Unit 7 Effective Work Practice
Unit 8 Globalisation and the Labour Market
Unit 9 Self Development
Unit 10 Roles and Responsibilities of Parents
Unit 11 Healthy Relationships
Unit 12 Maintaining Personal Health and Well-Being
Unit 13 Effective Financial Management

Career Opportunities
Studying Preparation for Adult Life can lead to careers in accounting, banking, retail, research, human resources, health and social care, government, small business and to self-employment as an entrepreneur.

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