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Aims and Overview of the Mathematics Department

The mathematics department fully supports the philosophy, beliefs, values and aims of the school. Mathematics is a core subject that all pupils must take at ks3 and ks4. It is our intention to provide opportunities for pupils to learn through a variety of different teaching techniques and by having high expectations of all pupils. We are keen to promote a positive ethos in the department, with our aim, especially at ks3, to provide pupils with an enjoyable experience in mathematics. Good relationships between pupils and staff, attractive wall displays and a range of different classroom activities are all ways we seek to do this.

Numeracy is a cross curricular skill, essential for lifelong learning, and we believe that the mathematics department has a key role to play in developing numeracy. (A separate numeracy policy is available for consultation). Specific number work days and mental maths tasks are used throughout the ks3 course to help improve competency in numeracy. A number of GCSE topics are specific to numeracy allowing the teacher the chance to develop numeracy at ks4. Numeracy Ninja is one form of activity we use to enhance numeracy skills. Thinking skills and Personal capabilities are also incorporated into the teaching in the mathematics department through the use of appropriate mental maths tasks used at the teacher’s discretion.


Mrs L Cowan
Mrs S Jones (Mrs C McClean)
Mr D McKean
Miss J Smyth
Mrs J Thompson
Mrs C Wasson
Mrs L Woods

Equipment Needed

To do a job well you need the right tools. The pupils mathematics toolbox should contain:

Scientific calculator
Colouring pencils

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