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GCSE Further Mathematics

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA


Our GCSE Further Mathematics specification encourages students to extend their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding. It gives them opportunities to select and apply mathematical techniques and methods to everyday situations. It challenges and stretches students to broaden their mathematical knowledge to a more advanced level.

This qualification targets students who require knowledge of mathematics beyond GCSE Mathematics. It broadens the experience of students who are capable of working beyond the limits of GCSE Mathematics (Higher Tier) and those who want to progress to AS/A level courses.

Each unit is assessed by external written examination in the form of a single question-and-answer booklet.


The specification has four units. Students complete Unit 1 in year 11, and unit 2 and 3 in year 12.

  • Unit 1: Pure Mathematics
  • Unit 2: Mechanics
  • Unit 3: Statistics

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