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A-Level Mathematics

Specification/Exam Board:  CCEA

Criteria for Entry for AS Mathematics:  Grade B or above in GCSE Mathematics with a GCSE Further Mathematics grade C* OR Grade A in GCSE Mathematics.

The AS Mathematics is studied in Year 13 and the A2 Mathematics in Year 14.

These are demanding courses in the amount of effort and time required but the department is well resourced in terms of professional expertise, textbooks and electronic material. The course includes modules in pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. Students must complete one pure unit and one applied unit (mechanics and statistics) to gain an AS-level and one pure unit and one applied unit (mechanics and statistics) to gain an A-level (see weightings below).

Many other subjects require knowledge of Mathematics in order to explain ideas and theories that would otherwise be difficult to comprehend. At University many subjects, such as Biology, Business Studies, Geography and Accounts, require the study of Mathematical Methods Modules, which can prove difficult if Mathematics has not been taken to at least AS Level.

Summary of subject content

AS PureWritten exam – 1h 45 min24%
AS AppliedWritten exam – 1h 15 min16%
A2 PureWritten exam – 2h 30 min36%
A2 AppliedWritten exam – 1h 30 min24%

AS Level A2 Level

Unit 1 Pure Mathematics

Unit 2 Applied – Mechanics and Statistics

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